Cool gift idea

Cassie demonstrates Dad's new monopod/hiking stick.

Cassie demonstrates Dad’s new monopod/hiking stick.

The most interesting gift that turned up at the Isch Christmas, in my opinion, was the monopod Bob bought for his camera that doubles as an extendable hiking stick, complete with a compass on the removable knob.

I wish I’d known of the existence of this device before I put together this week’s News-Sentinel holiday fitness gifts column, because at $20 it’s a highly affordable multi-tasking tool. (Its durability, however, has yet to be tested.) Bob got his at Sunny Schick, a camera shop in downtown Fort Wayne, but you can find a $25 model on

Here’s something that did make it into the column, after being repeatedly tested in the Caylor household: New chocolate-flavored PB2.

chocolatepb2This is a great stocking stuffer for Nutella addicts who can’t keep the chocolatey spread around the house lest they empty an entire jar in one sitting. It’s a peanut butter powder with most of the fat pressed out along with the liquid.

Mix 2 tablespoons powder with water for a chocolatey peanut spread that’s only 45 calories with 1 gram of fat and a mere 6 carbs. Available at Kroger in the health foods section for around $5.

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