Top 5 fun things about #RWrunstreak

1. I love how so many runners unabashedly post their times along with their distance on twitter, even if they’re in the double-digits-per-mile pace bracket. I always feel self-conscious about my less-than-stellar times, but reading all their joyful exclamations seem to truly embody the spirit of what “just do it” is really all about.

2. It’s fun to hear all the different goofy names for holiday fun runs. (My favorite thus far: The Grinch Gallop.)

Who wouldn't want to run in a race called the Grinch Gallop?

Who wouldn’t want to run in a race called the Grinch Gallop?

3. The opportunity to try new things, like timing myself on routine runs. Turns out I run both faster and slower than I realized. (That being said, I’ve pretty much abandoned the idea of timing the run streak in its entirety, as I’ve forgotten to hit the “start” button three times in a row.)

4. It gets my butt outdoors, since I’m trying to do outside-0nly runs for this. Lately the weather has been nicely cooperative, too.  On Saturday’s run it was cool to spot a canoe in the Wabash on the first day of December.

5. Keeping this streak alive makes me feel good even on an otherwise “bad” day. (Or, in this commonly retweeted quote from some dude named Kevin
Wilson, “Every day is a good day when you run.”) Because you only need a mile a day to keep it going, I know I can always find time to squeeze that in.

My run streak so far: 33.75 miles in 11 days. …

Day 11, Sunday, Dec. 2 — Was hoping for another 4, but the day got away from me and I wound up sneaking in a single mile in the dark.

Day 10, Saturday, Dec. 1 — 4-miler on the River Greenway with my sister Traci.

Day 9, Nov. 30 — 1 dutiful mile after dark in the high school parking lot down the road after getting back from an all-day field trip with a busload of 7th-graders.

Day 8, Nov. 29 — 1.25 mile lap around Ossian Trail. Feeling sick again.

Day 7, Wednesday — Somewhere between 9.5 and 9.75 miles in 1 hour, 48 minutes and 40 seconds

Day 6, Tuesday — 1 mile (sick; forgot to time it, but let’s say 12 minutes, which I like to think is my absolute slowest gear)

Day 5, Monday — 5 miles in 57 minutes; warmup lap and 2 laps of intervals at 1.25 mile Ossian Trail, followed by cool-down lap.

Day 4, Sunday — 4 miles in 45:43

Day 3, Saturday — 2.75 miles in 30:30

Day 2, Black Friday — 1 mile in 9:22

Thanksgiving Day – Ran the 4-Mile Galloping Gobbler in 38:20.

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