Holiday run streak fun

It’s crazy how motivating this holiday run streak is working out to be. After only getting in the minimum mile on Tuesday, when I was still feeling fairly sick, I ran to my brother’s house and back today for the first time ever.

It’s just a little under 10 miles, not the farthest I’ve ever run, but it was fun to nail a destination run I’d never attempted before. (Too bad neither Brent nor my sister-in-law Darcy was home at the time, but I took a cell phone pic to document the occasion.)

Documenting that I made it to Brent and Darcy’s mailbox….

It’s also been fun to log onto twitter and see how many other folks are reporting in on their progress. Haven’t seen anything real profound there, mainly just people saying how far they ran and how fast, but it’s cool to see so many people working to keep the streak alive — both their own and the collective global version we’re all a part of.

My run streak so far: About 26 1/2 miles in 7 days. Haven’t added up the time yet…

Day 7, Wednesday — Somewhere between 9.5 and 9.75 miles in 1 hour, 48 minutes and 40 seconds

Day 6, Tuesday — 1 mile (sick; forgot to time it, but let’s say 12 minutes, which I like to think is my absolute slowest gear)

Day 5, Monday — 5 miles in 57 minutes; warmup lap and 2 laps of intervals at 1.25 mile Ossian Trail, followed by cool-down lap.

Day 4, Sunday — 4 miles in 45:43

Day 3, Saturday — 2.75 miles in 30:30

Day 2, Black Friday — 1 mile in 9:22

Thanksgiving Day – Ran the 4-Mile Galloping Gobbler in 38:20.

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1 Response to Holiday run streak fun

  1. bgddyjim says:

    That’s impressive, I can ride every day with a smile on my face, but run? That takes some deducation, baby. 😉

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