3 holiday eating tips (and a cold remedy)

Here are a couple of holiday diet tips that didn’t make it into this week’s News-Sentinel column:

Commercial commons photo by christmasstockimages.com

1. My sister Traci says that when she goes to holiday parties, she decides whether she’s most interested in the meal or the dessert, and then goes light on one to make room for the other. (She almost always skips the bread and potatoes either way.)

2. This tip proved invaluable during my first holiday season on weight maintenance, and I can’t believe I forgot to put it there: Putting just one “risky” food on your plate at a time and then “framing” it with fruit and veggies. I let myself repeat this as often as I wanted to, but you fill up on all those fruits and veggies before you can do too much damage.

3. The third tip comes from Weight Watchers, which I’ve started attending again now that my mom’s agreed to give it another try. A lady at last week’s meeting said she doesn’t like to tell herself something is off limits, so she fills her plate with half a serving of everything that interests her.

With my nose dripping like a faucet, I didn’t stick around long enough at this week’s meeting to get any advice other than this cold remedy:  Coating your feet in Vick’s vapor rub and then covering with socks before bed.

Did it work? As a longtime skeptic of folk remedies, I’d have to say no: I felt just as miserable at work Tuesday morning as I did the night before — maybe even worse.

But my mom, who prefers alternative medicine to what doctors dispense, insisted that I sounded better when I called later that afternoon to see how the meeting went. And I guess I did — well enough, at least, to get in a 1-mile jog to keep my holiday run streak alive while I waited to pick Colleen up at school.

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1 Response to 3 holiday eating tips (and a cold remedy)

  1. “…but you fill up on all those fruits and veggies before you can do too much damage.”

    What is “fill up?”

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