Exploring the #Rwrunstreak universe

Do I really want to run every day until the end of the year? Well, yes, apparently I do.

As soon as I read about the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak — in which participants run at least 1 mile per day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s — I was instantly hooked.

That’s me in the orange, running through beautiful Lindenwood Cemetery in the Galloping Gobbler.

It’s appealing to make running a centerpiece of this festive season — an obvious counterweight to all the less healthy focal points this time of year. Almost as intriguing, at least for me, is the notion of exploring this conversation hub in the still somewhat-mystifying Twitter universe. Apparently by doing a search for #Rwrunstreak on twitter.com, you can see what other runners are “tweeting” about how their project is going.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in run-everyday mode, having switched over this year to a cross training mix (thinking it was better on my not-getting-any-younger joints). But the editors at Runner’s World suggest making your 1-mile days your “rest” day, if you need one, and that works for me.

So here’s how my version of the Holiday Run Streak is shaping up thus far:

Thanksgiving Day — Ran the 4-Mile Galloping Gobbler in Fort Wayne in a time of 38:20.

“Black Friday” — Even though it was suddenly cold and incredibly windy, decided to run outside so I could keep alive the possibility of making this an all-outdoor streak. Ran 1 mile on the gravel road at my parents’ house. (And, on the insistence of my dad, consented to being timed, even though I wasn’t aiming for a specific time. But he pointed out that I might want to be able to say I run so many minutes during this streak as well as so many miles. So: 9:22. For what it’s worth.)

Saturday, Nov. 24 — Didn’t have much time between work, kid stuff and going to a holiday event at the historical museum in Kokomo, where our new pal Dave Broman (brother of one of our oldest pals, Carl Broman) is the new director. Jogged an uninspired, just-git-r-done 2.75 miles, the shortest of the neighborhood runs in my repertoire, in a time of 30:30.

Sunday, Nov. 25 — Wanted to do a longer run, but got sucked into Ben’s biology project. Wound up squeezing in 4 miles late in the day. And can I just say I’m getting really getting sick of this timing business? I know I don’t run very fast, and I know my first mile or so was kinda pokey, but I felt like I got in a decent mile or 2 there in the middle, so it was depressing to see my overall time was 45:43. Maybe I need to dig out that timing watch I got for Christmas a couple of years ago and figure out how it works so I can differentiate between “warmup miles” and cruising speed…

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2 Responses to Exploring the #Rwrunstreak universe

  1. Sammi says:

    I am doing this with a group of ladies on line, we are to check in each day to keep us all accountable. If it is a strength training day I’m just doing a short 1 mile for now, all depending on time.

  2. tischcaylor says:

    That’s cool. I was hoping to check in with you last night but I was coming down with this awful cold so I cut out of there before I infected anybody else (I hope).

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