Look who we saw at the Galloping Gobbler

Ragu, aka Andrea Muirragui Davis, in the pig hat and her awesome friend Karen who walked the course with her.

It was fantastic to see our old pal Ragu at the Galloping Gobbler yesterday. Which is no small feat given how hard it is to spot people on such a congested course and also because there’s so much less of her to see these days — 154 pounds less, to be exact.

The Gobbler was her 15th or 16th race this year, and she said she’s planning to do another 1-2 before the year is over. At this point she’s a walker, but she’s thinking about taking up running in 2013. To read more of Ragu’s inspirational tale, click here.

This year’s race was fun as always, though I felt more conflicted than in years past about how seriously to take this race — should it just be a goofy fun thing? Maybe so, but with neither Ben nor Traci tagging along, I couldn’t resist trying to keep up with people running a bit faster than I usually do. I just love the way it feels to disengage your mind and focus in on a moving target. My time wasn’t great, nearly a minute slower than last year at 38:20 for a 4-miler, though part of that may have been due to having to stop and tie a shoe. It felt great, though, to give the old lungs a good blow.

Isn’t this a cool shot Bob took of Lindenwood Cemetery before the start of the race?

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1 Response to Look who we saw at the Galloping Gobbler

  1. Ragu says:

    Great to see you guys! And a shout out to my walking buddy Karen …

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