Gobbler beats cobbler every day of the year

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about my refusal to give up the Galloping Gobbler in negotiations over our crammed Thanksgiving schedule.

But as I look forward to my third straight year of running the nation’s 19th largest 4-mile race, I realize that I now savor this Thanksgiving tradition as much as any yummy dessert I associate with that holiday.

It’s silly to think a 4-mile run gives you an excuse to pig out later in the day — as the talking heads suggest in this TV interview with race director and Fort Wayne mayoral candidate Mitch Harper — though I admit that was part of the appeal the first year I ran the race.

Now, though, it’s the experience itself that I crave. It’s like moving through  a reunion, parade and — given the crush of the crowd — a touch football game all at once.

There’s no Thanksgiving delicacy that’s so rarefied I couldn’t eat it some other time of year. But the Galloping Gobbler really is a tradition that happens just once every 365 days. The only thing that would make it better is if I could get more of my family members to join me.

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