Resistance is (not) futile

Is it pointless to try to reduce the amount of resistance your body creates in the pool if you’re not a water-breather?

I’ve been fascinated by the Total Immersion swimming techniques on Four-Hour Body author Tim Ferriss’ blog, even though a lot of the stuff he talks about will never apply to me if I don’t learn to exhale underwater.

There’s one little tweak, though, that seems to have made a big difference — enough so that I found myself choosing freestyle over sidestroke as I was finishing up my laps the other day.

It’s simply a matter of increasing your reach just a few inches on each stroke by thinking about how you can touch a higher point on a wall by nudging  your hip against it and then rotating a bit to the side rather than just facing the wall head-on.

Keeping that image in mind feels like it’s reduced the number of strokes I need to get to the end of the pool. Whether that’s true or not (I haven‘t checked), it’s increased my confidence and the number of laps I’m able to do. If nothing else, it gives me an image to focus on rather than just flailing away.

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