‘Just Giving’ in

Should I have set up a “just giving” page to raise money for the American Cancer Society in connection with last week’s 90in9 Challenge?

The thought went through my head. And then it went out the other side, because I’m not the most tech-savvy person to begin with and it was far from clear that we’d finish that 90-mile bike ride. How could I ask other people to donate to something so haphazardly organized with an outcome that was pretty much a crap shoot?

Then there’s the question of the 5 percent fee —  a scenario that’s led some critics to jokingly refer to the nonprofit  money changer as “Just Taking”.com. In the end, it seemed simpler to avoid pestering anybody else and just write my own check and send it off to whomever I please.

The problem with this approach is that a paper trail can be paved with procrastination. Last year, even though we made more of a whoop-de-doo over our “cause,” devoting one day’s 10-mile run to laps done in honor of various people we know who’ve been afflicted with cancer, it took me weeks and weeks to finally get that check sent off — and even then I wound up sending it to the wrong place, which resulted in some poor employee having to mail my check back because I hadn’t made it out to the right agency and they couldn’t cash it.

It occurs to me that in the future it might be worth setting up an online donation page even if I don’t actually intend to ask other people for money — just to make it easier to expedite my own donation process.

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