90-miler mix-up results in 9-minute miss

I’ll post the sordid details of our 90in9 Challenge Monday, but the short form is this:

  1. Yes, we got it done, which was kind of amazing since this was at least three times longer than any bike ride I’ve ever done in my life. (Even more amazing considering factors such as ignorance and inept training.)
  2. Due to a stupid miscalculation on my part, we wound up missing our 9-hour goal by a measly 9 minutes — a difference that would’ve been incredibly easy to erase had I just realized it beforehand instead of afterward.
  3. It will be interesting to look over my dad’s notes to figure out what a time difference the wind made. (From my vantage point, the 7-mile stretch from Pleasant Mills to Monroe seemed to take most of the day, whereas riding roughly the same distance from Monroe to Berne, with the wind at our back, seemed to take about 45 seconds.)
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