Carb-loading comfort food: amaranth with pasta sauce

Earlier this week I topped amaranth with pasta sauce and Parmesan and found it tasty enough that I planned to make it my carb-loading meal for today’s 90in9 challenge — which should already be under way by the time you read this.

Unfortunately, I forgot that last night was the cross country banquet, which essentially amounted to a dessert bar and Powerade. So instead of amaranth, I “carb loaded” on pumpkin pie, banana cream pie and a Special K bar.

Turns out that wasn’t necessarily a devastating development, according to this New York Times piece on carb-loading that Jon Pontzius sent me yesterday. But I can’t wait to get back to subbing out pasta for various hearty grains, a project I’ve embarked on since Bob’s developed an interest in lower glycemic-level foods.

I just loved this homemade sauce, which canned by my sister-in-law Darcy. She labeled it “pasta/salsa sauce” because it turned out spicier than she intended. (What would be really awesome is if her sauce wasn’t just an on-the-fly, use-up-the-garden veggies experiment but an actual recipe that could be replicated in the future. I’ll definitely be checking into that.)

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