A dietitian elaborates on controlling sweets

There is no doubt that I spend way too much time thinking about eating, but the more thought I give to the process, the better I get at it. With this in mind, I finally decided to ask dietitian Marcia Crawford to clarify something I’d been wondering about from her blog interview back in May:

“What did you mean when you said that sweets like cookies ‘have a built-in portion’ — and how is it that you can manage to be ‘very satisfied with a single cookie’?” I asked. “To me, a package of cookies is just waiting to be conquered, with no natural stopping point.”

See, I have this tendency to think that some people have superhero-like will power, and I’m always hoping to learn their secrets. Turns out Marcia is human after all, but she’s learned to make smart decisions.

Marcia Crawford

“I CAN overeat cookies or desserts in general,” she said. “Perhaps the difference is that the packaged cookies I have (Walker’s shortbread right now) are delicious but not my absolute favorite.  They satisfy a sugar urge but are not enticing enough to go for a second cookie or through the entire package.  If I have homemade cookies (or bakery made), I often overeat or eat past my appetite for sugar.

“If I used the same recipe to make a chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes (frosted, of course), I could guarantee I would overeat the cake but not overeat the cupcake, which has a portion built in.  So, I’m not certain I have acquired this capacity, I just control what’s in my kitchen.”

Check out Marcia’s suggestions for controlling Halloween candy on her blog and in this TV spot she did for the “Insight” program on Indiana’s News Center.

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2 Responses to A dietitian elaborates on controlling sweets

  1. Controlling your food BEFORE it comes into your home, really is much easier than trying to resist it after its gotten itself cozy on your shelf (or heaven forbid kitchen counter!). Marcia

  2. tischcaylor says:

    Thanks for the advice, Marcia!

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