A license to lose

I made weigh-in again this month, but just barely. I keep thinking I need something else to motivate me, but simply trying for a better racing weight doesn’t seem to work. For one thing, I got a 5K PR this summer on a day when I was 5 pounds over my goal weight. I know I could’ve done even better without those extra pounds, but that’s not how my mind interprets the situation.

Meanwhile, I took out my driver’s license the other day and winced when I saw my old fat face. My license expires at the end of the year, so I’ll finally get an up-to-date pic along with an up-to-date weight. (Currently it says 165, which was about 60 pounds less than what I weighed at my heaviest and about 30 pounds more than I weigh now — on weigh-in day, that is.)

I just assumed I’d put 135 on my new license, but it occurred to me that this may be just the opportunity I’ve been looking for. After all those years of weighing more than what my license said, I’d really like to never be in that position again. So whatever I put down, that’s what I really want to weigh, if not a bit less.

If nothing else, this should provide more motivation to stay consistent. But I’ve also got a little time to think about whether I want to challenge myself to drop a bit lower — and whether I can stay there.

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One Response to A license to lose

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Just a thought, but putting your DL # on the internet is probably not a good thing – next time (or retake the pic), cover the important stuff up with your thumb (address, dob and DL#).

    As far as motivation goes, I always use the mirror… I don’t ever want to go back to what I looked like ten years ago. I was miserable. Oh, and when I don’t want to work out, that’s the time to suit up and shut up. I feel for you, getting the right mixture of motivation is really tough to do. Keep with it.

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