Time crunch leads to new running game

Fifteen minutes til I need to hit the shower and start a busy day. I’d really like to get in a run, but I can’t think of anything workable. Strangely, I’ve never mapped out a mile course originating from our driveway. Everything that occurs to me would take too long.

And then I think: Why don’t I just start the stopwatch on my cell phone and take off down the road for half as many minutes as I’ve got?

Needless to say, this is a re-enactment.

By the time I get to the end of the driveway I’m down to 12 minutes, so I head out at a more brisk pace than usual for 6 minutes, note my turnaround point, and head back, knowing I’ve got a deadline to meet. I make it by 5 whole seconds, trot up the driveway and hit the shower in a much better frame of mind.

It wasn’t much of a run, yet it was fun to see how far I could go in the amount of time I had to work with. Now I can’t wait to try it again to see if I can beat my distance.

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