90in9 Challenge update

Taking an unofficial exit out the rear of Ouabache State Park…

Based on yesterday’s 25-mile ride, the two biggest obstacles to Traci and I doing 90 miles in nine hours — an event we’re currently planning for Nov. 2, with a backup date of Nov. 4 — are the wind and seat soreness.

If we can get somebody to pick us up afterward, we’re seriously considering riding 90 miles in whichever direction the wind is blowing. I’m not sure what to do about the seat issue, other than upgrade to a cushier one or ride standing up.

Still, despite a bit of discomfort and getting caught in some rural corn-hauling traffic, this ride was a lot of fun. We started at Traci’s house and took the Greenway out to Ouabache State Park, rode through some grass to create our own “exit” and continued on through Vera Cruz over the Joray Hills to the Amish shopping plaza (school, grocery store, building supplies)  just across U.S. 27 north of Berne.

We were hoping to get drinks at the grocery store, but turns out it’s closed on Wednesdays. (In retrospect, we probably could‘ve helped ourselves to water at the school if we‘d taken the time to operate the old-fashioned outdoor pump.)

This wind picked up on the way back, and so to take our minds off our toil we decided to switch up our route just a bit. It was fun to ride rather than run over the hills for the first time. We tried to build up speed on the downhills to help carry us back up the next one, which is something that would obviously never work on a run. After that we veered off to the north — giving us a much welcomed stretch with the wind at our backs — and circled around the big country Apostolic Church and the state park before heading back.

This ride took us around 2 hours, which doesn’t exactly make us speed demons, but then we already knew that. Are we capable of riding nearly  four times that far at that same pace? Stay tuned.

A camel at an exotic animal farm north of Berne.

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1 Response to 90in9 Challenge update

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Believe it or not, less cushion is more comfortable when you get into the long miles… Get the cycling shorts with the chamois and you should be good. Saddle height and reach is all that’s left. Get that right and the shape of the saddle right and leather over metal will work. The more padding you have the more you stanch blood flow. It’s counter-intuitive, but the God’s honest truth.

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