Rigging the game in your favor

Now that I look back on my French fry-eating days, placing an order at McDonald’s seems like a crap shoot: Most of the time you get what you’re craving, but every once in a while they’re overcooked or under-salted.

When I cut back to one weekly order of fries in the early days of my weight loss, getting a crappy batch was a major bummer. Usually I got them from the drive thru and was long gone before the discovery was even made. Then I’d have to wait a whole week for a fresh batch, and in the meantime, I’d have to be extra strong to avoid placating my disappointed Inner Child with some unplanned treat.

Now if I stop by McDonald’s, usually all I’m getting is a low-fat McDonald’s vanilla cone. And I’ve finally figured out how to rig this game in my favor. If I’m handed a regular-sized cone (or very rarely, one that’s exceptionally large), yay me.

On the other hand, if I’m handed a smaller than expected cone then I’m still a winner — even if, as was the case last week, I haven’t gotten a cone in a long time and was really looking forward to it.

“Awesome!” I thought to myself. “This little dinky cone will still taste pretty good, and now I only have to count it as 3 points instead of 4.”
I felt exceptionally smug as I used my “extra” point later in the day for a bonus graham cracker square.

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1 Response to Rigging the game in your favor

  1. bgddyjim says:

    That smaller cone leads to great habits and one of my favorite realizations… I don’t need the large or even the medium to sooth the cravings – the small or kids size is always more than enough.

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