Traci the rookie triathlete weighs in on turning 40

Today’s my little sister’s 40th birthday, so I let her choose what she wants to do for a workout. Her selection? Laps in the pool. (Probably once she realizes it’s gonna be sunny and 70 degrees today, she’ll want to follow that up with a run or bike ride, if there’s time.)

I already gave her a birthday gift: Registering her for her first triathlon, last month’s Tri the Creek at Potato Creek State Park. When one of Traci’s friends heard about the gift, she rolled her eyes and muttered, “Well, happy birthday to you,” as if it was the worst gift she could possibly imagine.

Was it really such a terrible idea? That wasn’t my impression. But rather than put words in Traci’s mouth, as is customary in my ramblings on this blog, I decided to get her comments on what she thought about the best gift a big sister could possibly bestow…

Q. So where does this birthday gift rank, in terms of gifts I’ve gotten you over the years? (Do you even remember any of the previous 39 gifts you’ve received from me?)

A. Haha! I do remember past gifts! I have to say this was definitely the best! At first when you mentioned it, I’m not sure I thought so, or when standing in the freezing cold waiting to get in the water, did I think so! After crossing the finish line, I definitely thought so!

Q. What did you like most?

See, we really are athletes — the sign says so!

A. What I liked most was the atmosphere. It was incredible! It made you feel like you were a great athlete or that you could be!

Q. Anything you hated?

A. The only thing I disliked was the water temp! When we were standing in the water getting acclimated I thought we were nuts!!! Wow was it cold! Actually now looking back I’m not sure I hated it! I think I went faster because of it!

Q. What was most surprising?

A. The most surprising thing was that I finished and in a time I would never of dreamed of! Of course that’s thanks to you! I might have really fallen apart on the run if you hadn’t been there with me!

Q. What would you do differently next time?

A. I definitely would want a road bike! That obviously makes a huge difference. I had to work so hard on the bike I was totally exhausted when I got to the run! (probably in shock too from the freezing water and air temp!)

Technically she was still 39, but that’s not what they wrote on her leg…

Q. Biggest training mistake?

A. I wish I had started practicing the freestyle stroke sooner. I also wish I could get the breathing down. However, having my head out of the water was nice just to see where I was going!

Q. Any changes in the works now that you’re turning 40?

A. 40! Wow, am I really 40? I guess I am. I really enjoyed the triathlon and would love to do more of them! It’s great doing all this cross training. I can’t believe how much I like the swimming! I feel lately like I’m getting the best workouts I ever have! I want to stay as fit as possible so that the older I get, the easier it will be to accept!

After the race, wearing our medals.

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One Response to Traci the rookie triathlete weighs in on turning 40

  1. Well–I keep saying 40 is the new 30! What a great gift for your sister and so wonderful that you inspired her! 🙂

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