This year’s 90in9 Challenge

My sister Traci and I before heading out for the last segment of our 90in9 challenge in October 2011.

Last year I marked the one-year anniversary of making my weight-loss goal by running 90 miles in 9 days along with my sister, Traci, who acted as my personal trainer while I shed 90 pounds in nine months.

This year we’re going to try to ride 90 miles in nine hours. In terms of time, that’s hardly a grueling pace: You could do it averaging a mere 10 mph. But because neither one of us has gone more than 20 miles in a single day in decades, it will be interesting to see how this works out.

We still haven’t come up with a date that fits both our schedules, but we‘d like to do it sometime before the end of the month, if possible. As before, we’ll donate $90 to charity afterward. (Last year we chose the American Cancer Society.)

As for the route, we‘re putting Dad in charge of that — and hoping he‘ll ride along at least part of the way.

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