Getting more mileage from my bike-race pasta

I loved the idea of cooking up the pasta giveaway from the previous Sunday’s Colavita Time Trial as my pre-triathlon meal.

The bike-race giveaway

But as a former fat girl, pre-race meals make me kinda nervous. I don’t want anything too fabulous because I don’t trust myself not to go overboard on the whole “carb-loading” concept. The last thing I want come race day is to be in a state of digestive distress. So I kept it simple: pasta and sauce with a little salad and garlic bread.

Yesterday I noticed we still had some of that Colavita pasta hanging around the fridge, so I whisked in some beaten egg and plain Greek yogurt and baked it up topped with sliced tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.

Bike race pasta, take 2: My lunch

This was my lunch, which tends to be uncharacteristically silent these days now that everybody’s off at college or school. But as I tasted it, I could nonetheless hear everybody else weighing in with their response: “Why’d you have to put all those tomatoes on it?”And, presuming they scooted some off and actually got into the pasta itself, “Why’d you put yogurt in this? It’s too sour!”

Obediently listening to the voices in my head, I put ALL the tomatoes on my plate of lunch pasta and savored the creamy yet subtly sour combination of tastes.

And then I retossed the pasta with another beaten egg and a little milk, topped it with some vegetarian chili from a couple of days ago and a fistful of mozzarella, and put it back in the fridge to reheat for last night’s dinner. Nobody ever knew the difference.

Bike race pasta, Take 3: Suitably “cheesed up” for the unadventurous eaters of the family…

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