Redefining the food groups

As far as I’m concerned, there are only three: munching foods, filling foods and treat foods. Each category contains both “good” and “bad” choices, but when you designate them into these groupings it clarifies your decision making.

And these, class, belong to the “filling foods” group…

When I’m in munch mode, I could eat chips. But I could just as easily reach for baby carrots or 94 percent fat free popcorn. If I’m not craving a taste so much as the need to chew on something, this is a great place to work more veggies into my diet.

I try to structure my diet around filling foods, because I hate to get hungry. And when I’m thinking about filling my tank, it’s easier to focus on healthy choices.

I never plan to lurch into munch mode or treat mode. But I know it’s going to happen, so when it does I try to work from a list of approved choices I keep on hand for emergencies.

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