Locking out excuses

Our first issue of Popular Science came yesterday, and Colleen dove in headfirst, later resurfacing to report there was an article on the latest bike locks — and that at least half of them cost more than my bike.

Cool gizmos in this month’s issue of Popular Science

I need a bike lock. This is one of the roadblocks getting in the way of my riding more than once a week or so. (Though reading Fit Recovery gives me a sense of how exhilarating a good cycling workout can be, I need to psych myself up to pull out of the driveway onto a busy highway.)

Knowing how my mind works, I suspect that replacing a car errand  with a bike workout would be a huge motivator, but I‘ve hesitated to do that because I don‘t have a way to protect my bike while I‘m in the store. (Though my 1980s Peugot surely looks less appealing than your average Wal-mart mountain bike, I would be devastated if it went missing.)
I bet All Seasons Cyclist has some good advice on this topic. But I think I’ll just buy a cheap lock for now, because all I’m really doing at this point is protecting my workouts from my inner worrywart.


This ought to do the job — protecting me from myself — for $160 less than the top model touted in Popular Science.

Blog posts obviously work way better than to-do lists because by the end of the day I’d picked up the lock that’s been on my shopping list for weeks. It cost $160 less than the top-rated model in Popular Science, but whether or not it scares off thieves it ought to at least protect me from myself.

Inspired by this purchase — and an inexpensive speedometer as well — I finally went out on a ride last night, only to get stranded after the sun went down much more quickly than I expected. Afraid to brave the highway back home without a light, I had to call Bob and Colleen to come and fetch me. But at least I got a few miles in, on top of an intervals running session earlier.

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2 Responses to Locking out excuses

  1. bgddyjim says:

    You did the right thing, calling for a ride. It’s getting darker a lot faster now, you’ll get a schedule figured out soon enough.

  2. tischcaylor says:

    Well, it doesn’t help my weenie cycling mindset. But I can’t keep reading your blog and NOT get inspired.

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