Frosting deposits generate interest

There’s one image from Annie-Bananie’s 100th birthday party that I can’t get out of my mind: The cake plate with the enormous mound of frosting built up from where the ladies cutting the cake in the kitchen would wipe the excess icing from their knives.

As someone who’s prone to disposing of excess icing by popping it my mouth, that was a real eye opener. Slice up four sheet cakes, and each “tiny bit” of icing that gunks up your knife adds up to a fat-and-sugar laden blob the size of a Nerf football. Sure wish I’d snapped a cell-phone pic of that sucker to hang on my fridge!

The next time I cut a cake, I’m gonna employ the knife-scraping technique. I can always decide afterward whether I want to taste some, but at least this way I won’t wind up with a frosting football in my gut.

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