Rowan raids candy locker as she packs for college

Rowan and I paid a visit to the candy locker the other day so she could clean out her treats before she heads off to college.

We don’t get to the gym much in the summer time, so everything in there was pretty much left over from Easter. She had plenty of “stuff” in the gift bag that served as her stash, but was a bit disappointed that there weren’t any forgotten Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

(Actually there are still a couple of those still waiting to be unearthed, but they’re in an unnamed sibling’s bag. One of the rules of the candy locker is thou shalt not raid one another’s candy holdings. Everybody’s been pretty good about that in the year and a half that we‘ve maintained this sugar “lock box,” but all bets are off when it comes to peanut butter eggs, so I made a point of not mentioning those.)

There were plenty of leftover treats in her bag, but not much chocolate. She just pitched a lot of it.

As the oldest sibling, Rowan’s been a pretty good sport over the years  about all kinds of goofball ideas and activities we’ve undertaken. She’s got pretty good self control, but she was supportive of the candy locker because she also knows the value of knowing what your limitations are.

When we were shopping for college supplies this week, for example, she asked for peanutbutter and ramen noodles but resisted the temptation to stockpile  Oreos.

“If I want a cookie, this way I’ll have to walk over to the cafeteria for it,” she said.

That’s my girl. I’m sure going to miss her.

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