The DIY mini marathon

So I’m effectively locked out of this year’s Parlor City Trot. Can’t get off work that day, and even if I could, Ben has a cross country meet at Manchester, where Rowan will be finishing up her first week of college.

I do have a sprint-distance triathlon to train for — and Traci now says she‘ll do it with me — but I was really hoping to do another half marathon this fall. And since it’s so tough for me to get off work on Saturdays, I guess I’m going to have to invent one.

The Parlor City Trot would return to its traditional Street Fair date in our DIY version

Option 1 is to run the Parlor City course, which is really just a reconfiguration of the 10-mile loop on the Bluffton Greenway to Ouabache State Park that Traci and I already run every so often. It would be cool to do this during the Bluffton Street Fair, which is when the race was traditionally held before the Fort4Fitness swooped in on the date, sucking up thousands of runners in its wake.

Option 2 is the Fried Cinnamon Challenge. Turns out running the back way from our house to Heyerly’s Bakery in Ossian and back just happens to be 13 miles. In a nod to the Krispy Kreme Challenge at North Carolina State, I could make a pit stop at the bakery for a fried cinnamon donut. (I’d limit myself to just one, rather than the dozen that are required in the southern fried version of this race).

Actually, I’d kinda like to do both at some point. The Fried Cinnamon Challenge could happen whenever — except on a Sunday, when the bakery is closed. So maybe I’ll hold off and do that one when the weather turns cooler.

The DIY  Parlor City Trot is a bit trickier, since it would be sandwiched between a 20K Bluffton bike race and the Potato Creek sprint triathlon on subsequent Sundays in September.

Still, as I ran this idea by Traci yesterday during a 4-miler to test her possibly broken toe (which still hurts), we decided maybe we could do it that Tuesday while the kids are in school. That would give us one day off after the bike race, a few days’ rest before the triathlon —  and a great excuse to indulge in our favorite Street Fair treats after the opening night parade.

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