Dino food

Is it a salad — or a sandwich?

Good question. We’ve been playing with our food lately in an attempt to get Colleen to try more veggies. This plate of food sculpture features a co-jack apatosaurus, a pretzel rod tree trunk with spinach leaves and blueberries adhered with peanut butter, and broccoli slaw grass growing out of peanut butter spread on a slimwich, along with a few berries that fell from the “tree.”

We were inspired by The Dinosaur Cookbook by Sarah L. Schuette. (I’d recommend you just check it out of the library like we did; $18.71 for a book with seven recipes seems excessive to me.)

Colleen’s creation below is pretty close to what’s on the cover of that book. But as a vegetarian, she didn’t want to make a dinosaur — especially a plant-eating dinosaur — out of meat.  Since she used cheese for the dinosaur, she decided to use a pretzel rod for the tree trunk instead.

While she had fun making it, she didn’t want anything to do with the broccoli slaw grass. So on the next attempt, we just stuck a few “blades of grass” in so it didn’t seem so overwhelming.

I also suggested she could try creative plot development with different kinds of sauces. Ketchup, for instance, could symbolize the recent passing through of a T-rex. Chocolate sauce or pudding could represent a landslide.

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