Triathlon No. 2 on the calendar

Pine Lake, where I got in a tiny dose of triathlon practice and a really great nap yesterday afternoon. That’s Ben goofing around on that balance-defying gizmo in the foreground.

So Colleen’s talked me into another triathlon: Tri the Creek, a sprint event at Potato Creek State Park near South Bend on Sept. 23.

I’d pretty much made up my mind to just wait til spring. Focus on my running this fall, and maybe that bike  race next month in Bluffton, and then try to acquire a decent freestyle stroke over the winter so I wouldn’t have to rely on the sidestroke.

But Iron Kid Colleen really, really wants to tag along to another triathlon — enough so that she’s appointed herself my swim coach, convinced she can teach me that dreaded breathing-in-the-water maneuver.

The idea was that we’d have our first session yesterday at Pine Lake, after I got done with my first radio interview. But my coach, like the rest of the kids, was too distracted by all the water slides and zip lines and super-duper high dives to do any actual swimming.

So I carved out a swim lane along the rope running from the raft to the racing slide and did 10 lengths or so of sidestroke.

Hey, it’s a start.

My 9-year-old swim coach was too busy on the zip line to give me any lessons.

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5 Responses to Triathlon No. 2 on the calendar

  1. Gpa says:

    So many more things to do at pine lake today than when I was a kid swimming there.

  2. I loved your article about Colleen and her Iron Kid Triathlon. She is a brave little hero!

    I noticed in your article that you mentioned not wanted to pay for a hotel to travel to your mext Triathlon, the next time you don’t want to pay for a hotel I recommend CouchSurfing! It’s a great way to meet people and travel inexpensively. I have hosted quite a few couch surfers here in Fort Wayne and my sister and I used it to travel around Lake Michigan 2 years ago. My youngest son traveled all over Europe this way for about a month one summer. I feel that it can be quite safe and a lot of fun. Check it out at and you can see my profile there, too.
    Cindy Bradtmueller

  3. bearrunner says:

    Triathlons get addictive!!!!!!!!

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