A ‘sustainable living’ stepping stone

In this week’s News-Sentinel column I talked about moving past “eating large” as a weight-control tool and learning to eat less to support a more sustainable lifestyle.

A couple of recent salvaged “feed bags”….

One of the questions I’ve been considering: Is my signature voluminous plate of stir-fried kale and onions slightly less wasteful in that I serve as the grocery store’s default compost bin, cruising the produce department for those orange stickers that indicate a package of raw veggies  is about to be tossed out?

I know I should only buy whole veggies, preferably from a farmer’s market, and cut them up myself. But if they‘re just going to go to waste — probably dumped in the trash rather than being added to compost — is my salvage operation such a bad thing?

I like to think it’s a sustainable living stepping stone. Eating lots of veggies is better than eating lots of Twinkies, both in terms of personal and planetary health.

Now I need to work on getting to the stepping stones that lie ahead, such as  “making friends with hunger” (see January’s interview with philosophy professor Steve Naragon).

In the meantime, maybe I should also consider this unsettling thought:

Unlike a goat, my poo doesn’t do anything to improve the soil. So you could argue that it’s more of a waste to feed me compost than it is to feed the actual compost heap — unless by eating compost I’m at least reducing how much other crap I’m eating.

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