From the interview archives: Death row meals

It’s been a while since we’ve compared notes on the Death Row fantasy meal requests of people who’ve been interviewed on this blog…

Michael Dobson, personal trainer and former pro footballer for the British team Walsall F.C.:

That’s a tough one! It would have to be a toss up between a Chinese or a Nando’s (both with chicken dishes of course) and I would love to be served just one more time by my wife and kids so I could tell them how special they are to me. I would have said my dad so we could have one last chat and say things that were left unsaid before he passed away, but if I’m on death row, no doubt I’d be seeing him soon and would have plenty of time to chat!

Shannon Canaday, blogger and weight-loss master in British Columbia:

“Oh, gosh… gramma’s meatball strogannoff over egg noodles, garlic toast, Caesar salad and a mocha chocolate torte for dessert.  And then I’d be in a food coma so I wouldn’t know what was happening anyway. Perfect!


Steve Naragon, philosophy professor at Manchester University in North Manchester, Ind.:

“Well, it certainly wouldn’t be anything like a Big Mac. I wouldn’t want to go out with some (half-digested) animal in my stomach. … I’d probably just fast.”

Gabriel Szoke, Puerto Rico-based illustrator and creator of “Eclectic City” music show:

“To start, Mexican Tortilla Soup, followed by an assortment of East Indian food, with the main dish being Hungarian Goulash and Hungarian garlic bread (usually made from potatoes), and for dessert fried yellow plantains. It would give me helluva heartburn, but at that point, who cares?”

Novelist Ann Staadt:

For a last meal I’d order rare prime rib, mashed potatoes and a slab of ‘Fruits of the Forest Pie’ from Gordon’s foods.”

Elizabeth, Ironman blogger and competitor:

“Part of me would love to tell you I’d like a beautiful five-course meal that had every element and flavor component. But really, if I had my druthers I’d have any meal my mom would have cooked — pot roast, mashed potatoes and peas would probably make me feel cozy and loved.”

Marcia Crawford

Marcia Crawford, Fort Wayne dietitian and author of The Care and Feeding of an Almost Adult:

“So, I’m not dying of natural causes? Well, it begins with a glass of Cabernet and would finish with a DeBrand’s sundae but honestly, in between it would look just like any other dinner I enjoy – a salad and a great grilled fish.  Wait, I’d have a second glass of wine.”

Debbie Meyers, copy editor in Saginaw, Mich.:

“If I were facing my last meal anywhere, anytime, I’d request a buffet of crab legs with drawn butter, a beautifully grilled rare steak, a large bowl of spicy guacamole with fresh tortilla chips and, yes, that Big Mac and fries with a Guinness Extra Stout. Just not sure what I’d dig into first.”

Carla Rose

Carla Rose, former owner of the Rosewood restaurant in Bluffton, Ind.:

“Chocolate pie. And a piece of sugar cream pie. And a cup of weak coffee with loads of cream. … And then you’d get a sugar buzz and be gone.”

Jon Pontzius, historian and sculptor in Whitley County, Ind.:

“I think if I were on my final day on Death Row I would probably be occupied with other things more important than my last meal, although I might be tempted to choose something I have been mostly avoiding such as butterscotch ice cream sundaes.”

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