Ragu’s on a roll: 144 and counting

When we last heard from our old pal Ragu back in January, she’d lost 105 pounds and vowed to do a 5K every month in 2012.

Ragu and her husband Bob at a Be the Match 5K to support the bone marrow registry.

Well, guess what: Not only has she kept that vow — most recently completing the “Be the Match” 5K on June 30 to support the bone marrow registry — but she’s lost another 39 pounds since her blog interview for a total of 144.

“We had to sprint the last .1 to avoid coming in last,” she wrote on Facebook, “but we did it!

“I think the weight loss is more noticeable now that I have some clothes that actually fit,” says the ever-modest Ragu, aka Andrea Muirragui Davis of the Indiana Business Journal. “At any rate, I’m happy to do an update.”

Q. How big a role are these monthly 5Ks playing, and are they getting easier?

A. The goal of the monthly 5Ks was to keep me moving, and although they are getting easier, I’m really not doing much/any distance work in between races. I work out with a personal trainer once a week, but I rarely walk more than a mile with her. That said, I really want to start running (if for no other reason than it’s faster than walking), and I know I’m going to have to do that more than once or twice a month to make any progress. In other exercise-related news, I have discovered Zumba (and my complete lack of rhythm), so I get a good laugh there about once a week.

Q. What’s this about kickboxing?

A. That name may be a bit misleading, though, since there’s no actual contact. Its official name is Taerobics. It’s a 45-minute cardio class like Zumba or old-school aerobics, but with kicking and punching. And it is an incredible, heart-racing, sweat-dripping workout. (There’s also a 15-minute strength training component at the end, but I skip that.) The class is definitely easier with 140 fewer pounds to lug around, but I haven’t been able to break my back-row, don’t-look-in-the-mirror habit yet.

Q. Doing anything different diet-wise?

A. My diet is pretty much the same. I keep thinking that I’m ready to switch to a more balanced/sustainable maintenance plan, but then I lose another 5 pounds and I get greedy. Plus, I know maintaining weight loss is harder than losing weight, so I’m kind of scared. I don’t have to worry about eating too much pizza because I don’t eat pizza.

Q. What’s your latest favorite food?

A. Hmm, favorite food … that’s a puzzler. My guilty pleasure/weigh-in-week treat (don’t tell my doctor) is pork rinds. I ignore the fat and focus on the fact that there are no carbs. (Reminds me of my “Cotton candy is health food because it’s fat-free” justification during diets of old.)

On the healthier side of things, I had to find an alternative to pastries when it was my turn to bring Friday treats to the office. I found recipes online for teeny tiny omelettes (called egg bites, I think) that I bake in muffin tins. It’s basically Egg Beaters, eggs, cheese and either turkey sausage or steamed veggies (or both). And they were a hit.

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1 Response to Ragu’s on a roll: 144 and counting

  1. Debbie Meyers says:

    Yay, Andrea! Love the update. You are an inspiration.

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