Food fight: Arctic Zero ice cream vs. Skinny Cow

I was in the mood for ice cream the other night after my monthly Weight Watchers check in, so I decided to see what was in the Kroger freezer case.

Some “diet” ice creams I’ve tried lately are almost too good; I don’t trust myself to bring home an entire carton. So I was pleased to discover several new varieties of single-serve containers.

The Skinny Cow half-cup carton of Cookies n cream seemed like a good option.  I didn’t even have to calculate the Weight Watchers points — it said 4 points plus right on the label.

But because I’d weighed in that evening, I had way more than 4 points available. So I decided to see what else I could find. And that’s when I noticed the pint containers of Arctic Zero. Unbelievably, each pint contained only 150 calories. That’s 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus — for the equivalent of FOUR typical size servings of ice cream.

Figuring that Arctic Zero must be the new Diet Coke of ice creams, I decided I’d splurge on BOTH a Skinny Cow half-cup container AND  an Arctic Zero pint. That way I’d only use up seven points and hopefully at least one of the two wouldn’t be disappointing. The only flavors available were coffee and maple, so I went with coffee.

The Skinny Cow Cookies n’ Cream was the better tasting of the two. The coffee-flavored Arctic Zero was more what I’d call tolerable, and that’s being generous. Its main asset was that you could eat so much of it. But at over $5 a pint, it’s just not worth it. I’d rather spend $1.50 on the smaller but tastier Skinny Cow.

Still, an interesting thing worth noting about Arctic Zero is its ingredients list. I assumed it would be full of chemicals to get such a low calorie total, but in fact it’s mostly natural stuff — including organic cane sugar, chicory root and monk fruit concentrate.

monk fruit

What is monk fruit, you ask? Good question. Apparently it’s a Chinese fruit that’s super sweet yet low calorie and “on the verge of becoming stevia’s new rival,” according to one blog post I saw from earlier this month.

If I come across the Cookies and Cream flavor of Arctic Zero, I may give that a try in the future — even though I see from the company’s website that the ingredient list for that flavor is nearly identical to its coffee flavor, with Dutch processed cocoa powder in place of instant coffee.

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1 Response to Food fight: Arctic Zero ice cream vs. Skinny Cow

  1. Thanks for taste testing these for me. I’ve been wondering if Skinny Cow stuff was any good.

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