A new (used) bike!

So we’re in Monroe the other day for Ben’s baseball game, and I’m wondering where I’ll find a Wifi signal in a town so small the gas station serves as the local grocery when I spy … a bike shop.

And not just a bike shop, but a funky looking bike shop with a cool name, Chain Reaction, next to a funky looking coffeehouse. It’s got $400 bikes in the display window — and they’re used, which makes you wonder what they cost new.

In Monroe. Where there are more hitching posts for Amish buggies than there are bike racks.

Well, to make a long story short — and I still don’t really know the long story, because owner Randy Braun has been too busy either dealing with customers or coming or going from his day job the couple of times I’ve dealt with him now to yak much about his personal story, though he seems like a nice and knowledgeable guy — I finally got a decent road bike.

It’s a 1980s Peugot. Braun sold it to me for $150, and put new tires on it when we traded in a couple of even older bikes for parts. I bought it for the luggage rack, to be honest, because even though I wanted a road bike for future triathlons, I still see myself as more of a “riding into town for a gallon of milk” kind of cyclist in the long run.

I finally brought it home last night, after Braun got it ready for me, and took it for a spin.

And I must say: Wow! Compared with the garage sale mountain bike I rode in my first triathlon, this one goes MUCH faster without any more effort.

This is going to be fun.

Owner Randy Braun and his dad, from a photo on the store’s Facebook page.

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1 Response to A new (used) bike!

  1. bearrunner says:

    Awesome!!!!!! You will fly now 🙂

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