Mid-year running goals re-evaluation

I like to say my road beaters have a thousand miles on them, but I’ve never  calculated the exact mileage — and now I think it’s unlikely I ever will. I still wear them once in a while, though.

With 2012 nearly half over, I decided to review my goals for the year — and discovered I completely forgot about two of them: Exploring barefoot running and estimating the mileage on my old Adidas road beaters.

As for the other two — finding a goal race to help me progress and coming up with some meaningful destination runs — I’ve done a better job, though not necessarily in the way I imagined.

My New Year’s conception of a goal race was to consider the possibility of a marathon, but to at least make sure I ran another half-marathon — probably the Parlor City Trot on Labor Day weekend. I also wanted to get a taste of the Huff 50k by running the first 10-mile loop of that this December.

I’m still planning to do those, along with the Swiss Days 5K in July.  I’m not going to get in a marathon this year, though I did pick up a library copy of Chi Marathoning the other day that makes that seem very doable at some point in the not-too-distant future.

On the other hand, I never dreamed I’d do a triathlon, so that’s an unexpected bonus. Now, of course, I find myself wanting to get in another one of those this year, so hopefully I can find one that fits my schedule.

I still think the clock tower in Berne would make a fun destination run this year, especially if we ran past that farm with the camels.

As for destination runs, I‘d still like to do the 10-mile run from my parents‘ house to the Muensterberg Clock Tower in Berne, a monument to Swiss heritage that resonates for my family, especially since Dad was involved in making that happen.

I have done some smaller destination runs — shorter, not as meaningful, but still fun: The 6-mile round trip to Uniondale for a Diet Coke (that actually turned out to be a Sprite) last week, and a run earlier this spring to the grave of my great-great grandfather, a Civil War soldier buried in the Murray Cemetery. That one was also around 6 miles.

On Memorial Day I ran from the office to Tinea and Morrison’s annual parade party, but that wasn’t a destination run so much as a transportation run, I guess. I wouldn’t mind in getting a few more of those as well. Taking the back way to Ossian, with a pit stop at Heyerly’s Bakery before heading back the same route, would work out almost exactly to the distance of a half-marathon.

If we do the Relay for Life later this month, it would be fun to come up with some kind of running goal or game, given that we’d be hanging out at a track most of the day and night. (Ben’s mentioned the absurd possibility of running a marathon on the track, but I don’t think so.)

Finally, at some point I guess I need to decide whether the 90in9 project was a one-time thing or something I want to try to do every year.

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