The ‘portion’ professor

After I reported on Uncle Rick’s McDonald’s diet in this week’s News-Sentinel column,  Fort Wayne dietitian Marcia Crawford wrote in to recommend a documentary by James Painter, a nutrition professor at Eastern Illinois University, called “Portion Size Me.”

“Two of his graduate nutrition students eat fast food for 30 days and get healthier,” wrote Crawford, who said she showed the video during a nutrition seminar she gave at Canterbury High School recently.

She’s not a fan of fast food, as we learned during her “Normal People” interview a few weeks ago. But she respects the work done by Painter and his frequent collaborator, Brian Wansink.

“Their practical experiments are fun and useful!” she wrote, citing one she posted on her blog recently in which Wansink examined whether the lack of a waistband in prison jumpsuits is part of the reason convicts tend to gain weight.

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