Thinking outside the salad bar

I was going to take a picture of this really odd but incredibly tasty salad I concocted Monday night in the lodge dining room at Turkey Run State Park, where Bob and I are exploring trails and the weirdness of his turning 50.

But coming on the heels of Saturday’s radish pizza experiment, I suddenly found myself thinking — even amid my ravings — that maybe it was just too weird, even for this blog.

So, no picture. But here’s the concept:

1. A layer of crunchy green stuff. In this case, spinach leaves and a few small sprigs of broccoli.

2. Drizzled over the top, in lieu of dressing: Ham and bean soup.

3. Topped off with, in place of croutons: A piece of crumbled corn bread.

Yeah, it’s weird. But it was so good. And when you think about it, what purpose does salad dressing really serve other than being wet and tasty enough to propel you through the green crunchy stuff?

Viewed from the other direction: It’s a great way to slow down and enjoy a comfort food that goes down way too quickly and easily all on its own.

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