Isolating the fat in a mountain of chips

The mountain of potato chips we bought for Rowan’s graduation party fueled both Ben and Colleen’s penchant for playing around with big numbers.

Hey Mom,” Colleen said, “did you know there are more than 2,000 grams of fat in those chips?”

As if I didn’t’ feel queasy enough as it was, allowing something so incredibly unhealthy to work its way onto the buffet line.

Ben later reported that if you condensed the fat from all 10 oversized bags — enough for 200 potential servings — it would produce a glistening glob that weighed more than 4 ½ pounds.

To our guests’ credit, though we estimated around 90 people showed up at one point or another, we went through less than 40 servings of chips. Most people seemed way more interested in Grandma Linda’s slushy frozen fruit.

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