Literally running to a party after work

One of Bob’s parade pics he shot for the paper.

There aren’t many parties I’d be willing to arrive at drenched with sweat, but Tinea and Morrison’s annual Memorial Day bash made the cut for me.

With the usual traffic patterns disrupted because of the parade that goes by their house en route to Fort Wayne’s Memorial Coliseum, I decided to leave the car at the newspaper building downtown and jog the 3 miles or so, unimpeded by traffic cops or closed streets.

Ditching the car not only saved fuel, but also guaranteed I’d wedge in some exercise on a day when I likely wouldn’t have had time otherwise. But I also discovered, in seeking the natural economy of a route not confined by wheels, unexpected delights.

The coolest was a footbridge which led me, fittingly, to a tucked-away Civil War Memorial. I don’t usually associate Memorial Day with the Civil War, especially since 9/11. But I’d just edited a story at work that morning about a re-enactor from the little known Union Navy, and so this bit of scenery felt like a touch of synchronicity.

Leaving the office around 10 a.m. helped me avoid predicted highs in the 90s, but I was still dripping way more than usual when I got to Tinea’s.  But with most of the action taking place outdoors — in a crowd where tattoos and funky hair are the norm and hula hooping and pogo sticking are just part of the fun — a perspiring woman in running shoes and a tie-dyed T-shirt wasn’t much of a distraction.

Tinea and Morrison renew their wedding vows after the parade.

It wasn’t even the most spontaneous act of the day, as Tinea and Morrison  abruptly announced after the parade that they were renewing their wedding vows. So while Morrison grilled burgers, Tinea went upstairs to don her wedding gown. (Yes, it still fits — thanks at least in part to her morning runs.) A pastor friend of theirs performed the ceremony in the backyard, and Bob, who‘d dropped by to shoot the parade for the paper, got in a bit of “wedding photography” as well.

It was pretty hot by then, so I gratefully accepted a ride with my husband back to the office and then on to the rest of our day’s events. But it was a fun party, and a nice run, and a memorable way to celebrate Memorial Day.

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