The FPP ‘bagged fat’ food drive

Last year, on the suggestion of a Wells Weighs In competitor, Team Caylor did a “canned fat” drive in which we donated the equivalent amount of team weight lost (38 pounds) to Community Harvest Food Bank in Fort Wayne.

This year our Fitness Protection Program team decided to scrap the cans and go with bags of potatoes, unbleached flour and corn meal baking mix. That’s a lot of starchy foods — 50 pounds’ worth — but they also seem like reasonable meal components for people using food pantries. (Easier to carry, too.)

We also discovered the coordinator of the Wells County Food Bank, where we took our haul this year, is one of my dad’s seemingly infinite number of first cousins, Connie Kaehr. (The Gerber family is so voluminous I’m always “meeting” relatives in the course of my daily life. Connie, it turns out, is the daughter of Annie-Bananie’s younger brother Floyd, a member of the 90 Club.)

Connie insisted on rewarding the kids for making a donation, and sent us away with several packs of M&Ms donated by a local grocery warehouser. I’ve been weighing the idea of editing M&Ms out of my diet, but I haven’t really encountered any for a while so Thursday was a good test of my resolve.

It’s funny how that works. I was going to let myself have a little treat of some kind Thursday, and I probably would’ve fallen for the M&Ms if they weren’t on my dietary “does not exist” list. But I didn’t, knowing I could choose something better, something more intentional, later in the day.

And I did: a cheddar-olive scone from the Three Rivers Food Co-op while Colleen and I were out tracking down graduation party supplies. It wasn’t the most delicious thing I’ve ever had — I think I like the idea of scones better than the real thing, they’re usually too dry to be truly delectable, at least in my limited experience — but it still tasted better than some haphazard snack that happened to cross my path.

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