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Ben’s carb-loading pizza log

The plan was for Ben to make a pizza log for tonight’s “carb-loading” meal before tomorrow’s 7 a.m. triathlon. But there’s nothing as impatient as a 14-year-old boy, and so he no sooner got home from school Friday than he … Continue reading

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Is it possible to gain back 50 pounds in 1 day?

“I don’t like eating donuts for breakfast,” Ben announced. “I’d rather have oatmeal.” This was later in the day, mind you. After our 6 a.m. weigh-in Thursday, he was all in favor of a trip to Heyerly’s Bakery. In fact, … Continue reading

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‘Spirit week’ devolves as anticipation builds

Twas the day before Wells Weighs In, and all through the house, Fitness Protection Program members were stirring to see if they could rev up their metabolisms as high as a mouse. Ouch! Sorry about that. Actually Ben and Colleen … Continue reading

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Running mom to the rescue

What am I doing running down U.S. 224 with a cell phone in one hand and my driver’s license in another? This isn’t part of my triathlon training, that’s for sure. Rowan texted me that she needed a ride after … Continue reading

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Cycling tips from a ‘centurion’*

In search of cycling guidance, I decided to check in with Ellie Bogue, who in addition to being a fantastic News-Sentinel photographer is also an industrious runner and cyclist, among other pursuits. Last fall Ellie ran the first 5 miles … Continue reading

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Cross training passes trail test

A confession: As much as I love trail running, sometimes I think I like the idea of trail running more than the real deal. I mean, I love the spongy sproing and how my feet never get bored and the … Continue reading

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An ancient American hot cereal

Friday morning I awoke bleary eyed and unmotivated to concoct anything of interest for breakfast, until I remembered the small bag of amaranth seeds in a bowl on the counter. I’d picked some up a couple of weeks ago after … Continue reading

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Teamwork is a lot of work

Moments after congratulating each other for adding a bit more to our Wells Weighs In total with just a week left to go, Colleen snarls at her brother: “I hate you!” I understand her frustration; Ben had just sat on … Continue reading

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How the Navy Seals teach sidestroke

If you want to improve your sidestroke, go to the experts: the Navy Seals. This is the stroke they teach for both stealth swimming and long-haul swimming. There’s no “arm in the apple basket” lingo here; the arm movements are … Continue reading

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Learning to stop (eating) “on a dime”

Lately I’ve been testing various analogies to see if they can help me  wrap up my eating for the day. I’ve already got a workable analogy for what happens when I don’t: Engine run-on. That sputtering that occurs when I’ve … Continue reading

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