Shifting my weight-loss focus

Though it’s far too odd to publish anywhere other than this blog, if I wanted to lose weight right now — and I do want to drop a couple of pounds, actually, because I’ve slacked off a bit after the triathlon and Wells Weighs In, culminating in a yummy Memorial Day cookout — I’d use my “diet” that evolved during that four month weight-loss contest.

As with my original 90-pound weight loss, it’s numerically based, though the patterns that emerged are different, as are the Weight Watchers computation methods, which literally changed the same day I reached my goal. What I wound up with this time was aiming for around 20 Weight Watchers Points Plus on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, 25-26 points on Tuesdays and Fridays, 29 points on Saturdays and somewhere in the 30s on Thursdays, which was weigh-in day during the contest.

There were certain menus I‘d follow some days, while others — primarily on the weekend — would be more of what you‘d call freestyle eating, I guess. On the menu days, there were certain things I’d look forward to, like my Tuesday afternoon sugar rush from a donut or some other dessert-y thing. Other days I’d pay closer attention to what sounded good and choose accordingly. The one constant was sticking to a framework of fruits, veggies, Greek yogurt and lean proteins, with a limited amount of carbs and junk food.

The thing is, I doubt I could precisely replicate my 2012 Wells Weighs In diet even now, just a few days later. For one thing it’s not a “diet” so much as a set of eating patterns based on my situation at the time. And now it’s summer, with its different routines.

That’s the bad news. The good news is, I can adapt what I’ve learned to fit my current situation. And obviously the stakes aren’t very high when you want to lose 2 pounds — though I feel like I’m taking this new mission pretty seriously, knowing how easily a 2-pound gain can turn into much, much more.

Step one is scanning the horizon for deadlines and repercussions to focus on now that Wells Weighs In is over:

1. Though I haven’t been to a Weight Watchers meeting in months, I still want to maintain my lifetime status that allows me to attend for free if I want to, which means I need to weigh in once a month within 2 pounds of my original goal weight.

I’ve never not “made weight,” but after the holidays this year I’d crept up enough that it was getting to be more of a challenge.

2. I got a cool pair of zip-off hiking pants for Christmas that were snug then but fit great now. I want to keep wearing those pants/shorts.

3. My “scream weight” isn’t the same as my Weight Watchers target, but it feels just as real. I can slide past 135 pounds and not really fret, knowing I can drop back pretty easily before the end of the month. But these days I feel gross if I weigh 140 pounds or more, even for a day or two, which definitely happened between the holidays and the start of Wells Weighs In this year.

4. Whenever I race next — whether that’s the Father’s Day Fox Island Triathlon or the Swiss Days 5K in July or some other event that pops up on my screen — I know I’ll perform better at a lower weight.

So right there are four reasons to keep watching my weight and tweak my old diet to fit my new summer circumstances. I could probably come up with more. But that ought to be enough to keep me focused for now.

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