Not-so-stealthy smoothie secretly satisfies

Nearly an hour after she griped about trying the blueberry-kale smoothie I’d loosely based on a recovery drink created by Elizabeth the Ironman competitor, Colleen ‘fessed up:

“It was OK. I’d probably go ahead and drink it next time.”

She just wasn’t used to taste-testing anything before 7 a.m. And she knew, despite my attempts to be discreet, that I’d stuffed a hunk of frozen leafy greens in the blender.

Though I’d love to try Elizabeth’s recipe, full of all kinds of love-your-body nutrients, I decided to strip ours down to the core experiment: Would a cup of frozen blueberries, a banana and a 4-ounce Greek yogurt (I was out of plain, so I used strawberry, the only flavor I could find in the fridge) be enough to mask the taste, texture and sight of kale?

I certainly thought so, as did Rowan and, eventually, Colleen. (The other three possible test subjects on the premises all claimed they’d already brushed their teeth and were headed out the door.)

So we’ll definitely try this again in the future, adding some other ingredients as we go.

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