Fitness Protection Program in 5th-place finish

The official results have been tabulated for Wells Weighs In, and our team, the Fitness Protection Program, finished fifth out of 101 teams with a loss of 8.96 percent.

We’ve got to salute the winning team, “Here We Go Again,” which lost an amazing 19.16 percent of their collective weight. There were 409 county residents participating, with a starting weight of 84,950 pounds. The results I’ve seen so far don’t list a county total of weight lost. But by my count, all but the bottom 28 teams lost at least 2 percent of their collective weight and all but four teams lost something, so they’re at least headed in the right direction.

They only awarded prizes through third place, so I passed out a consolation prize to our team (plus Cassie, who didn’t participate this time but was very supportive): artisan chocolates from DeBrand’s in Fort Wayne.

The point being that even one small piece of really good chocolate is way more satisfying than a couple of handfuls of, say, M&Ms. It’s also less of a nutrition hit: According to, one piece of chocolate from the De Brand’s classic collection has just 80 calories, 11 carbs and 4.5 grams of fat.

Ben got an espresso chocolate, Rowan got chai, Cassie got cassia cinnamon (shown here slightly mangled) and Colleen got edible Aztec gold leaf.

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3 Responses to Fitness Protection Program in 5th-place finish

  1. Yum—I’d take that prize any day. What an amazing thing to do as a family–you guys are awesome! Enjoy the long weekend!

  2. Debbie Meyers says:

    You and your family can be righteously proud of your accomplishments … on so many levels. Congratulations!

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