Ben’s carb-loading pizza log

The plan was for Ben to make a pizza log for tonight’s “carb-loading” meal before tomorrow’s 7 a.m. triathlon.

But there’s nothing as impatient as a 14-year-old boy, and so he no sooner got home from school Friday than he ordered everyone out of the kitchen so he could get started. He didn’t even want to take time for me to run out for pizza sauce and mozzarella, deciding to make do with leftover spaghetti sauce and the fat free shredded cheddar Collen’s been putting in her omelets.

This was a project in his 8th grade cooking class this week, so the recipe was fresh in his mind:

1 packet of yeast

1 cup warm water

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 cups of flour, “plus 1/2 cup to put on table to roll it out and stuff”

1 cup cheese

1/2 cup sauce

I left the room for a few minutes, and was surprised to discover when I came back that his pizza roll was already rolled up, ready to “rest” for 90 minutes or so.

Even more surprising: It actually occurs to him that the kitchen now needs cleaned up.

“Colleen!” he barks. “Let’s get this flour mess cleaned up!  I’ll clean the island — you load the dishwasher.”

Boy, this cooking class has worked wonders for this guy. Next thing you know, he’ll start cleaning his room or something.

The only problem: Ben can’t bear to wait the recommended amount of time to let the dough rise. Finally, after about an hour, he pops his pizza log in the oven. Fifteen minutes later (at 425 degrees), he’s ready to saw his log.

The pizza log was just as tasty as you’d expect — and promptly devoured within 15 minutes. So now we’ll have to come up with something else, or have him make another one, for tonight’s carb-loading meal.


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2 Responses to Ben’s carb-loading pizza log

  1. Dr. James Johnson says:

    I think most of that will be sitting in the descending and sigmoid colon right about the time you start the run. Try LOW fiber, easily digestible foods the evening before and the morning of. Mashed Sweet potatoes, applesauce with some protein powder are some examples. Ensure in the morning. Good luck.

    • tischcaylor says:

      Well I certainly don’t want to be thinking about the sigmoid colon (whatever that is) during the race! Luckily when you divide this 6 ways (the size of our family) it doesn’t amount to much per person. Actually what sounds best to me before a run (or anytime, really) is oatmeal with peanut butter.

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