Is it possible to gain back 50 pounds in 1 day?

Ben and Colleen eye the selection at Heyerly’s Bakery in Ossian.

“I don’t like eating donuts for breakfast,” Ben announced. “I’d rather have oatmeal.”

This was later in the day, mind you. After our 6 a.m. weigh-in Thursday, he was all in favor of a trip to Heyerly’s Bakery. In fact, as I recall, it was his idea to get a box of donuts rather than just picking out one per person.

But after adjusting to higher caliber fuel these past four months on Wells Weighs In, our momentary return to the typical American diet ultimately proved less than satisfying for just about everybody.

The donuts I’ve learned to make room for have tasted a whole lot better than the two or three I wolfed down yesterday, so fast I barely tasted them. The late lunch at El Camino Real — I met Rowan and the kids there after my last pre-triathlon swim* — was tasty but immense. It was embarrassing to order what sounded like a reasonable choice, chicken fajitas, only to wind up with two huge platters of food for one person. All five of us walked out with at least half our meal in Styrofoam boxes.

Colleen displays her winning team T-shirt design

At the ballpark last night, Colleen wasn’t even tempted by the concession stand offerings.

“I’ve pigged out enough today,” she explained. “I don’t want to end my day with nachos or candy. I’ll just get some bubble gum and wait to eat when we get home.”

According to my unofficial tally, the Fitness Protection Program lost 52.6 pounds, which breaks out to 7.4 for Rowan, 12.0 for Colleen, 15.6 for me and 17.6 for Ben. We’ll see what that works out to percentage-wise and where we land in the final rankings next week.

With the contest over, I suspect we’ll all loosen up a bit. But based on Thursday’s experience, I don’t think any of us want to go back to eating crap on a regular basis.

*At first I was just thrilled to be able to swim 500 meters. Now I feel like I’m getting slower and less confident. But maybe that has something to do with the fact that it was a chilly 44 degrees when we went to weigh in Thursday morning, and I couldn’t help thinking if I was freezing my butt off in shorts and a T-shirt, how horrific it would have been to have plunged into a lake at that temperature. Luckily, the weather forecast says it will only get down to 62 degrees Saturday night, so it should be all of … 64 or so by 7 a.m. Sunday, right? Still, that would be 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning.

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One Response to Is it possible to gain back 50 pounds in 1 day?

  1. This is so inspiring! Congrats to your family and vest of luck on Sunday!

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