‘Spirit week’ devolves as anticipation builds

The mileage reading on Ben’s inaugural bike jaunt with his new speedometer

Twas the day before Wells Weighs In, and all through the house, Fitness Protection Program members were stirring to see if they could rev up their metabolisms as high as a mouse.

Ouch! Sorry about that. Actually Ben and Colleen went to summer swim team practice, I squeezed in a short run, and later in the evening Ben, equipped with a new helmet for Sunday’s triathlon and a speedometer he was willing to do yard work to earn, took off on a 16-mile cycling expedition.

Oh yeah, and Rowan went off to work at Lowe’s after school, as usual.

For someone who’s been so busy we hardly see her around, it was Rowan who won our only real spirit week contest. On pedometer day, she didn’t even strap hers on until just before she went to work at 2 p.m. When she took it off again a little after 7 p.m., she’d surpassed 15,000 steps tooling around the Lowe’s Garden Center and proved to be the easy winner. Her prize: a 6-pack of low fat Yoplait Boston Cream Pie yogurt.

We were also going to have a contest to design a Fitness Protection Program T-shirt, but Colleen was the only entrant, so she won by default. (Also, she had to change her design several times as we attempted to fit it to a computer printout for an iron-on transfer — and then she had to change it yet again, to black & white, to accommodate our dwindling supply of printer ink.)

Her prize was a box of Fiber One 90-calorie brownies. As for her T-shirt design, that will be revealed in tomorrow’s post, after today’s official weigh-in at the Wells County YMCA.

Rowan’s pedometer reading after her 5 hour shift at Lowe’s Garden Center

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