Teamwork is a lot of work

Ben and Colleen, warming up before his game and her practice with the usual bickering under way.

Moments after congratulating each other for adding a bit more to our Wells Weighs In total with just a week left to go, Colleen snarls at her brother: “I hate you!”

I understand her frustration; Ben had just sat on her to dislodge her from a comfy chair. Nonetheless I feel compelled to trot out the old “teammates need to be supportive” speech. I’ll miss not being able to say that after next week, when the Fitness Protection Program goes back to being just a mom and three sometimes combative kids.

Colleen rolls her eyes, then issues this clarification:

“I said I hate my brother — not my Wells Weighs In teammate.”

So anyway, three-fourths of us recorded unofficial losses this week, for a total of 5.1 pounds lost — though part of my loss was eliminating a 2-pound gain from last week. (Rowan was the only one who didn’t lose, but reported that she didn’t gain, either.)

Even as we contemplate setting up some silly “spirit week” contests to celebrate these last few days, I also sense a “tapering” process under way. It’s less about winning now, and more about figuring out where we go from here.

Nobody seems to require any nagging about healthy eating. It’s not like that’s always what happens, but I can see that it’s at least part of the decision-making process. Meanwhile, Ben’s signed up to do the May 20 mini triathlon with me, while Colleen managed a 400-meter nonstop freestyle swim this week, which was a first for her.

On the other hand, I also got wind of a bet Ben made with Colleen about how much weight she could lose by September. It’s nice to have a goal, obviously, but it’s easy to picture some big brother sabotage occurring there. So we’ll have to keep an eye on that situation.

Rowan is awfully busy between work and school right now, but she seemed open — if not overly enthusiastic — to the “spirit week” idea. So far our ideas include designing a team T-shirt and having a pedometer day. One possible prize: a six-pack of Boston Cream Pie yogurt, which some of the kids were tussling over earlier in the week.

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