The 2-week countdown

After 3 ½ months in the Wells Weighs In contest — with just two weeks to go — Colleen has finally found a vegetable she likes.

Sort of.

Colleen has found a veggie for her egg-white omelet.

I’d forgotten all about those frozen cheesy cauliflower packets that are just 1 Weight Watchers Point Plus per serving. After not having Kraft Mac n’cheese for several weeks now, at least some of us thought this made a decent substitute. Colleen wasn’t ready to sit down with a heaping bowl of cheesy cauliflower just yet, but she was willing to add some to her egg white omelet.

Hey, it’s a start.

Colleen was the only member of the Fitness Protection Program to lose any weight this week. And even then, she wasn‘t breaking into new territory so much as getting back to her previous low.

Are we losing steam? Probably somewhat. But we’re also aware that this contest provides us with extra motivation that lasts only two more weeks, so we want to take advantage of that while we can.

Jogging isn’t working out for Colleen quite as we’d hoped, but she’s been swimming a couple of times a week lately and will probably start going to summer swim team workouts next week. She’s not going to reach her goal weight in this contest, but she hopes to build up another wave of momentum to carry her into the summer.

Ben’s final 8th-grade track meet resulted in a mile time of 6:01. It was a great try, though.

Ben’s track season came to a close this week with him finishing 1 maddening second off his goal of breaking a 6-minute mile. He’s been nursing a sore foot the last few weeks, so he’s going to switch to swimming and biking (along with baseball) and may join me in that triathlon just two weeks from Sunday. He’d like to lose another three pounds or so if possible.

I’ve basically been leaving Rowan alone on this since she’s been so busy lately. But she continues to dutifully weigh in on Thursday mornings without being asked and is apparently at least maintaining what she’s lost.

As for me, I was mortified to discover I’m up 2 pounds this week despite training for a mini triathlon.

This is a somewhat familiar pattern for me. Last fall I managed to run 90 miles in 9 days without losing an ounce. Apparently my hunger pangs — or what I register as hunger pangs — increase in frequency and intensity along with my workouts.

I know this, right? So I need to stay focused, make sure I’m eating large but not eating more fat and carbs than usual. Most importantly, I need to remember it’s not just about me — I need to do my part to support the team.

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