Fish bait?

I couldn’t wait to meet Traci at the pool this week to see if she could manage a 500-yard swim, which I hoped would convince her this upcoming triathlon isn’t the nuttiest idea I’ve ever had.

Like me, my sister has always been frustrated by the breathing component of the crawl stroke. When we used to go to adult lap swim during the summer, we were always in the group that walked through the water — though at least we “ran” our laps. As I wrote in my News-Sentinel column this week, the realization that I could actually do a 500-yard swim — albeit sidestroke — almost felt like a life-changing experience.

Traci didn’t feel comfortable with the sidestroke, so she tried the breaststroke. And not only did she complete a 500 — she beat my sidestroke by half a pool length!

We weren’t racing. Still, it was a bit disconcerting to realize there’s an awfully good chance I’m going to be the very last swimmer climbing out of that lake. As a lifelong fraidy cat, I can’t help wondering if once all those thrashing humans exit the water, a giant muskie will grab my legs and pull me under…

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