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Dietitian ‘weighs in’ on jeans vs. scale debate

After I wrote about the “Jeans vs. scale divide” in my News-Sentinel column this week, Fort Wayne dietitian Marcia Crawford e-mailed her take on that debate. “From the National Weight Control Registry we have evidence that successful people weigh themselves … Continue reading

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Interview: Growing up on a Midwestern ‘sugar plantation’

Leona Schwartz grew up on the Midwestern equivalent of a sugar plantation, with a labor force of 14 kids. “Acres and acres” of cane and sugar beets provided cash to help buy two struggling relatives’ farms during the Great Depression, … Continue reading

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Reawakening an old love: the mile run

As a running coach, I’ve apparently got a ways to go to capably instruct third-graders. Case in point: I thought it would help Colleen to get an early baseline time on a 1-mile course she plans to race in July. … Continue reading

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Nutrient-spiked banana pudding

With its milk and fruit base, banana pudding pretty much starts out as an “A list” dessert, and if you downshift to sugar-free pudding mix and fat free whipped topping the numbers get even more favorable. But in a recent … Continue reading

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10 miles forward, 6 ounces back

The good news: Colleen successfully completed her running challenge, logging 10 miles in one week. The not-so-good news: The extra running didn’t translate into a loss at the scale. In fact, she wound up with a 6-ounce gain. Still, it … Continue reading

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Learning to care about your future self

So there’s this really interesting study out that suggests the reason people have trouble changing their behavior to aid their future selves is because that person feels like a stranger to them. “In fact, when we think about ourselves in … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting the infinite pie slice

I couldn’t wait to try another infinite pie slice experiment during Sunday’s  big family Easter get-together.  The dessert bar in Mom’s revamped kitchen was laden with a record number of yummy looking dishes, and I wanted to see how many … Continue reading

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From the interview archives: ‘Normal People’ diet tips

What do so-called “normal people” — those who don’t struggle with their weight — do when the scale creeps up a few pounds or their favorite jeans get a big snug? Here are some answers to that question, which I … Continue reading

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Achy knee advice from Dr. Dog

Something weird’s going on with my knee. As in, it barely works the first few minutes of my most recent runs. It’s not so terribly painful — though after four childbirths my pain tolerance is fairly high — but it … Continue reading

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Carrot cake that won’t trip up the Easter bunny

I’d been craving carrot cake ever since last weekend, when I saw a generous slice (no doubt made with vegan cream cheese icing) in the deli at the Three Rivers Food Co-op. With Easter coming up, and a low-cal dessert … Continue reading

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