The 3-week countdown

Our team's "biggest loser" closes in on 17 pounds -- and the 6:00 mile.

After last week’s less-than-stellar weigh-in — two of four members of the Fitness Protection Program posted net gains for the month — we were stunned to discover we fell only one place in the standings for Wells Weighs In.

With three weeks to go, we’re in fifth place with a 8.32 percent team loss.

It seems unlikely now that we have any hope of catching the first place team, Here We Go Again, which is pulling away from the field with a 14.52 percent loss. And Rowan, who’s just a few weeks away from graduation and adapting to the demands of her first real job, is clearly losing interest.

Still, she’s at least going through the motions to keep from letting the rest of us down — especially her baby sister. Thursday morning I resisted the impulse to remind her to get a weight check before breakfast, but she dutifully did so anyway without being nagged.

She reported being down two pounds, which at least gets her back to her lowest weight of the contest. Ben dropped another pound this week, bringing his total to nearly 17 pounds, while Colleen and I maintained.

On the fitness front, Colleen and I have started attending lap swim sessions to help me train for an upcoming mini-triathlon and to help her get ready for the summer swim team. After just two sessions, she’s up to doing 200 consecutive meters of freestyle — not bad for a 9-year-old — while I managed 450 meters of the sidestroke. (I feel pretty sure I could’ve made that last 50 meters, but we arrived late and simply ran out of time.)

As for our “Colleen Fuel” project, so far we’ve come up with one new zero-point treat: ¼ cup of fat free, sugar free pudding in a 10-calorie cone. We still need to work on coming up with more filling foods she’s willing to eat, though. This week we plan to experiment with different types of baked cauliflower and broccoli-cheese baked potatoes.

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