My new ‘Dew’

Gotta be honest here: I probably wouldn’t have started drinking lemon water if I hadn’t heard somebody say it was a metabolism booster.

It’s unclear whether there’s any truth to that or not. Articles on, for example, seem to contradict each other on this point. This one suggests it’s just a fad, while this one says it’s not — though it acknowledges that even if the claims are true, it’s not very well understood how it works.

Either way, I’m glad to have picked up the habit of adding a tablespoon or two of lemon juice to the bottom of my portable water glass.  There’s something about the piercing acidic quality of a high-octane lemon water that cuts through afternoon malaise. It sometimes seems as effective as Diet Coke in this regard, only without the caffeine.

I would still maintain that coffee is superior to both as an energy booster. But one of the reasons I’ve been wanting to ditch Diet Coke is because I already have one caffeine source and don’t really need another. What I did need was something to replace that other appealing aspect of Diet Coke — that “scrubbling bubble” astringent quality that comes from the carbonation.

I’m not completely off Diet Coke yet. But the other day, noticing my bottle of lemon juice only had a bit left in the bottom, I simply filled the bottle with water and took it to work with me as if it were a slightly oversized soft drink.

I don’t know if the reason no one commented on it was because it was in the same vicinity of the size and color scheme of a Mountain Dew bottle or if they were just too bleary-eyed to notice. (My workday begins pretty early in the morning.)

At any rate, I loved the clarity boost it gave me — probably all the more so because of its goofiness.

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